Ooty Toy Train (Ticket Price, Timings & Train Route) Ooty


One thing that promises to be a highlight of your visit to Ooty is the Nilgiri Mountain Railway experience. If you are travelling from Mettupalayam to Ooty, go for the Ooty Mountain Railway, rather than any other mode of transport. The experience is really out of the world. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is the only mountain railway that operates on a daily basis in South India. The train runs one to and fro journey every day and the frequency increases during peak summer, to accommodate the heavy inflow of tourists. The train runs from Mettupalayam to Ooty via Coonoor.

The track is a total of 46 kilometers and runs completely through the picturesque Nilgiri Mountains and the journey is worth the time spending in the train. You get both first class and second class tickets and if you are a person who loves some quiet and calm, go for the first class tickets and enjoy the mountains and the beautiful scenery that whisks pass you in the train. Initially the mountain train was pulled by a steam locomotive, but now this is sometimes replaced by a diesel one to give the train more pull.

The carriages have always remained the same blue and cream color and it is easily recognized from many South Indian movies. The Nilgiri train timetable currently says that the train leaves at 07:10 hours and reaches Ooty by 12:00 hours, and the return journey from Ooty starts at about 14:00 hrs and reaches Mettupalayam by about 17:35 hrs. Do confirm this before you leave.

Toy Train from Mettupalayam to Ooty

Train No / Name From Dep To Arr Duration
56136 / Mettupalayam-Ooty MG Passenger Mettupalayam (MTP) 7:10 Ooty (UAM) 12:00 4h 50m / 46 km

Toy Train from Coonoor to Ooty

Train No / Name From Dep To Arr Duration
56141 / Coonoor-Udagamandalam MG Passenger Coonoor (ONR) 7:45 Ooty (UAM) 9:05 1h 20m / 19 km
56136 / Mettupalayam-Ooty MG Passenger Coonoor (ONR) 10:40 Ooty (UAM) 12:00 1h 20m / 19 km
56143 / Coonoor-Udagamandalam MG Passenger Coonoor (ONR) 12:35 Ooty (UAM) 13:50 1h 15m / 19 km
56138 / Coonoor-Udagamandalam MG Passenger Coonoor (ONR) 16:30 Ooty (UAM) 17:45 1h 15m / 19 km

Toy Train for Return Journey

There are multiple toy trains from Ooty to Coonoor & Mettupalayam. As per Nilgiri train time table, the toy train from Ooty leaves at 14:00 hours and reach Mettupalayam at 17:35 hours. Also there are 3 toy trains daily from Ooty to Coonoor, the first toy train from Ooty leaves at 09:15 hours and reaches Coonoor at 10:25 hours. Below is the list of trains and time table:

Toy Train from Ooty to Mettupalayam

Train No / Name From Dep To Arr Duration
56137 / Ooty-Mettupalayam MG Passenger Ooty (UAM) 14:00 Mettupalayam (MTP) 17:35 3h 35m / 46 km

Toy Train from Ooty to Coonoor

Train No / Name From Dep To Arr Duration
56139 / Udagamandalam-Coonoor MG Passenger Ooty (UAM) 9:15 Coonoor (ONR) 10:25 1h 10m / 19 km
56142 / Udagamandalam-Coonoor MG Passenger Ooty (UAM) 12:15 Coonoor (ONR) 13:20 1h 05m / 19 km
56137 / Udagamandalam-Mettupalayam MG Passenger Ooty (UAM) 14:00 Coonoor (ONR) 15:05 1h 15m / 19 km
56140 / Udagamandalam-Coonoor MG Passenger Ooty (UAM) 18:00 Coonoor (ONR) 19:10 1h 10m / 19 km

56136 Toy Train Route from Mettupalayam to Ooty

Station No. Station Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt Km
#1 MTP Mettupalayam - 7:10 - 0
#2 ONR Coonoor 10:30 10:40 10m 27.4
#3 WEL Wellington 10:47 10:48 1m 29
#4 AVK Aravankadu 10:59 11:00 1m 31.8
$5 KXT Ketti 11:19 11:20 1m 37.7
#6 LOV Lovedale 11:39 11:40 1m 42.2
#7 UAM Udagamandalam 12:00 - - 46.3