Wenlock Downs Ooty

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Wenlock Downs

Ooty | Tamil nadu | India

Weather : 18° C

Time : 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Entry fee : Adults, Kids: INR 10.

Wenlock Downs, Ooty Overview

Wenlock Downs is a popular outing spot in the edges of Ooty. Individuals looking for a spot to get away from the contaminated climate and the universe of cement frequently head to this fascination. At Wenlock Downs, they locate a huge territory of rich green glade over the regular scene with moving mountains all canvassed in thick vegetation. The atmosphere is cool, once in a while foggy and the mists can be seen drifting over the mountains a good ways off. This area is beautiful and ideal for a snappy end of the week escape. Nature sweethearts and picture takers make certain to think that it's superb. Along these lines, Wenlock Downs speaks to the travel industry in this piece of Tamil Nadu.

The name of the fascination is gotten from a British Soldier and the third Baron Wenlock, Beilby Lawley. The site covers a zone of more than 8000 hectares someplace in the middle of Ooty and Pykara. It filled in as a chasing ground for the Europeans and the British back in the time. The spot is additionally alluded to as the Shooting Point around Ooty as a few blockbuster motion pictures were shot in the midst of the grand excellence of Wenlock Downs. Individuals who realize this frequently head to those areas for occasion photography and filmography. A few individual and public recordings can be shot in the midst of the picturesque environmental factors of Wenlock Downs.

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