Dolphin's Nose Ooty

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Government Museum

Ooty | Tamil nadu | India

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Time : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Entry fee : Free

Government Museum, Ooty Overview

The Government Museum in Ooty was implicit in 1989 to keep up and advance way of life of Ooty as shows and data. The fascination houses a broad assortment of the way of life, history, the clans, ancestral items, figures, artworks, crafted works, nature and the environment of Udhagamandalam. The exhibition hall was set up to keep the central estimations of the Nilgiri District and the individuals alive and taught everybody about them. It shapes a significant wellspring of information from this piece of Tamil Nadu. It is a decent fascination for family trips as well. Kids and adults, everybody, can find out about the way of life and comprehend its significance and relevance.

The Government Museum shows data and ancient rarities having a place with 18 clans in Ooty. The centre is on the Toda Tribe which is considered to have remarkably affected the area. As of now, there are just 1100 individuals making due from the clan and, in this way, protecting their genealogical legacy has gotten more significant. It is accepted that the principal Toda man was made alongside a Buffalo by Goddess Teikirshi and her sibling. The principal Toda lady later rose up out of the correct rib of the main Toda man. Verifiably, the clan happened in the last part of the 1700s when the Nilgiris were attached by the East India Company. They have, since their reality, been a fundamental piece of Ooty.

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