Bison Valley, Bellikkal Ooty

3.2 / 5

Bison Valley

Ooty | Tamil nadu | India

Weather : 18° C

Time : Sunrise-Sunset

Entry fee : Free.

Bison Valley, Ooty Overview

Bison Valley picked up its name from the Indian buffalo that meanders all through this region. Magnificent perspectives on the cardamom woodlands and pivotal conceivable from this delightful valley.

Wonderful greenery exists in pretty much every spot that you look. A wide assortment of natural life possesses this valley. Natural life incorporates such creatures as bears, buffalo, deer, tigers, and elephants. Going for comfortable strolls on the various pathways that wander around the valley are a well-known side interest for sightseers. Mountain biking and journeying are likewise famous exercises to take an interest in. Winged animal viewing is another famous movement in Bison Valley. Such winged creatures as woodpeckers, drongos, morning pigeons, shrikes, and bulbuls can be found in the region.

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